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Teachers and Friends I am ANGRY!

Oh my goodness why is this continuing? Why are we seeing state after state neglecting our education system? Why are appointed leaders at the Federal level, that have no place in the classroom, attempting to overhaul our public education system? Why are you touching our pensions?! What the hell! I'm ANGRY! I feel like driving the RV up to DC, parking it and protesting till the cows come home! Oh my lord my brow is heavy, my fists are clenched and I'm too enraged to sleep as it's 1:56 am here in Kerr County TX.

In the context of 'When It Breaks' it feels like the flood waters are rising in regards to our students, teachers and families that are drowning. I'm tired friends. I'm tired of no one caring about what goes on some 200 odd days every year in our classrooms. I'm tired that we're too ignorant or apathetic to see the writing on the wall, the DATA, that continually shows us that we're FAILING as a country in educating and supporting our children. I'm ENRAGED with the smugness of politicians that claim we're STANDING UP to be 'political' rather than advocating for a better way of life in our public schools. Frankly I want to kick down these doors, drag them by the ears and throw them into the classroom to better understand what this reality looks like.

From the west, to the east, to the north, and the south it is the same. We are tired! Whether we march on May 8th, National Educators Day, or we WALK OUT next week, we MUST be heard and things MUST CHANGE!

It feels like a fog has rolled in and we no longer have vision or empathy to what's around us. Somehow we've demonized students and teachers for standing up and speaking out. I don't understand this. I'm saddened and deeply troubled that we are now taking sides on the basic rights of public education.

There are no SIDES on this issue. There is only IMPROVEMENT and APPRECIATION and THANKFULNESS of which we should share upon this community. If you are courageous enough to TEACH, and hold such ethics and standards up to par consistently, then your voice should be heard and efforts reaffirmed.

I have never felt such RAGE before. I take it far too personally I realize, but friends they are restructuring the very income we've been working for and earned over a 20 year span. They are passing bills in the dead of night yet shame US for speaking out. They purposely neglect our students and teachers within Special Education in order to balance budgets. They vilify children and teachers when we MARCH and SPEAK OUT regarding safety within our schools! The bells are ringing, the fire is burning, and I am gripped with anger.

In regards to the ongoing production of #WhenItBreaks it feels a title change is in order #ItsBrokenNowWhat. Well that's the 1,000,000 dollar question isn't it. Either we leave this profession entirely (again ha ha) and begin a different form of intervention working with children in crises while advocating via music performance, or we continue to fight within our classrooms. There is such a cross roads involving guilt as a teacher. Data shows consistency and relationships are the best formula in helping kiddos. By leaving, one is simply contributing to the problem. Yet at the same time one could argue that by providing services outside of the school day, you're helping with the much needed interventions beyond a classrooms control.

I don't have the answers at this point in terms of what's next. I do know if we would collectively take a stand for something BETTER in public ed, we'd be that much closer in keeping our teachers in our classrooms. We'd be helping students to progress and grow, and consequently we'd be creating a stronger and more empathetic culture. But for some reason such common sense is beyond us.

I'll finish with this friends, the current headline links referencing teacher strikes and related concerns happening just these past 30 days:

"Yes the storm is brewing and this teacher is ready for the FIGHT!" - Konrad Wert/PPJ

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