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To no surprise Vice President Pence cast his deciding vote, thus propelling Betsy DeVos as the confirmed Secretary of Education among the fan fair and chaos of DJ Trump (cue the music WHUCKA WHUCKA WHAAAAT & WHYYYYYYY??!!).

We've called, written letters, faxed in objections, emailed and clicked on petitions to no avail. Senate Dems attempted a 24 hr. protest, holding the floor in hopes of turning more votes. Yet only two Republican Senators objected voting NO, only 2 out of 53 with the final vote cast by Pence. As POLITICO reported prior to her confirmation, "Of those voting DeVos and her husband, Dick, have donated to the campaigns of 17 senators who will consider her nomination — four of whom sit on the Senate education committee that oversees the process". WHUCKA WHUCKA WHAAT THAA??!!

**Note The HUFFINGTON POST is reporting 23 sitting Senators have received direct donations from DeVos and Family nearing 200 million**

Friends I am baffled, confused and feel as if my head is stuck in a bucket and common sense is leaving us. "Look up in the air! It's a bird, it's a plane! No, no it's COMMON SEEEENSE and it's flying the frack away as fast as it can cuz it's scared SHITLESS!!!" Now that's what I'd like to say ha ha but, yes BUT, that's too easy. It's just too damn easy to state the obvious, to complain and to simply give up. HELL NO!!!!!!

Hashtag WHY WE TEACH ....

If you feel hopeless with the way things are TEACH

If you feel powerless with where we're headed TEACH If you feel there's nothing you can do to help this situation TEACH


Hashtag WHY WE TEACH ....

It's easy to say that right? TEACH? Teach what? Teach common core? You want me to teach a state standard? You want me to get stuck in the grind, the lull of a 50-60 hr week trapped in a classroom surrounded by ch...cha...cha...children?? Why? Why the hell would I do that man??

Because my friend you are teaching compassion.

You are teaching acceptance of what is different.

You are teaching patience and active listening.

You are teaching restorative mediation in the midst of conflict.

You are teaching the celebration of diversity and language and culture.

You are teaching children that are sometimes quite alone, the presence of friendship and family.

You are teaching with arms open and kind words.

You are teaching forgiveness.

You are teaching trust.

You are teaching empathy.

Hashtag WHY WE TEACH ....

It's winter in Texas, 82 degrees in February. Valentine's Day is just a week away. I plan to eat chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. A lot of teacher pals enjoy the vino so yes I too will pour a Big Gulp of Shiraz and eat some peanut M&Ms. I'll have a day for the kiddos in class to share cards and hearts, to share compassion and friendship. I'll read the news or listen in on talk radio while I eat those candies and drink my Big Gulp Shiraz. I'll listen to the ridiculousness of this administration, the tone and expression within their speeches. I'll read about the contradictions and alternative facts spread weekly in order to bolster an administration's ego and self esteem.

DeVos will begin the process of School Choice regardless of the "unintended consequences" as reported by Julie Mack of mLive, "Among those unintended consequences, experts say:

Severe fiscal problems for districts on the losing end of the competition for students.

Increased racial and economic segregation.

Economic inefficiencies as charters expand the number of school systems serving a shrinking number of students.

Increased school dollars spent on non-instructional expenses, such as marketing and, in some regions, transporting out-of-district students.And in some cases, property taxpayers are footing the bill to expand or upgrade facilities for children who live outside the district."

Hashtag WHY WE TEACH ....

Friends the road is getting rocky. Special Education in my opinion will be directly and drastically effected by Betsy DeVos and her policies. The intent and impact of teaching becomes greater as it's clear where Public Education is headed. Those that are marginalized for what ever reason, will face even more segregation and isolation. Those that benefit from additional supports via SPED will find resources even more limited. SPED Teachers will face higher case loads, thus increasing stress and burn out. The road is getting rocky.....but:)

Friends be willing to fight. Be willing to fight with determination and patience while teaching. Be willing to fight via phone calls, marching, writing and singing. Be willing to fight hate with compassion. Be willing to teach:) Be willing to know that those that teach with you, those that won't give up are BAD ASS! Those teachers that cry with you and laugh with you are those that will SAVE YOUR SPIRIT! KEEP GOING!! KEEP TEACHING!!! KEEP LOVING!!!! KEEP LEARNING!!!!!

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