Special Ed Discussion in Chicago with Konrad Wert (and other midwestern things)

Greetings all and happy impending New Year! We've recently finished up another round of filming with the family in Florida. As a head's up, there are several Midwestern events involving our film and Possessed by Paul James starting tonight (12/31). Looking forward to some filming, music, and discussion.

12/31- New Year's Eve show with Possessed by Paul James. Reggie's in Chicago.

1/1- Possessed by Paul James at The Frequency in Madison, WI

1/2- Possessed by Paul James at The Lyric Room in Green Bay, WI

1/3- Special Ed Discussion in Chicago with Konrad Wert

We are hosting an event Sunday January 3rd at Bodhi Spiritual Center (2746 N Magnolia, Chicago, IL). This will be an open-to-the-public discussion about Special Education with Konrad as the moderator. We're looking forward to hearing what Chicago folks have to say about their experiences with Special Needs education.

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