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Blown Biceps in the Classroom, Taxes, Education and How That Affects YOU!

I’m writing this I should note using the wonderful accomodation of speech to text. With the busted bicep and recovery now 2 to 3 months one has to find the most efficient way to share. Friends both the process of releasing #WhenItBreaks and our journey within the classroom continues. Todd Tue from #MilkProductsMedia is getting closer and closer to a release date as well as finding additional sponsors to help us on this journey. I want to personally thank OWCDIGITAL #OWCdigital as they’ve generously donated equipment and potential opportunities to continue our promotion of #WhenItBreaks. Jump to the point friends, two links we highly encourage you to read point out the long term 10 year plan to cut Education roughly by $250 BILLION as well as an estimated 200,000 in lost jobs: Tax Proposals by State The second link breaks down the structure of the proposed tax plan: Losers & Winners of Proposed GOP Tax Plan . Friends this matters! It will definitely, assuredly change services directly in SPED following guidelines of IDEA as well as Title 1 programs such as Socio-Economic student’s need as well as ESL programming. By in large this appears to be an attempt to continue restructuring Public Ed, thus feeding the platform for DeVos’ plans of private, charter, school choice. Once again CALL & EMAIL your state elected officials friends:) If I can do it with 1 arm so can you!

On another note regarding my right arm and the injury within the classroom. The nature of our job in special-education is at times very physical. Whether your redirecting a child in crisis, taking care of a child’s Track Tube or G-tube, assisting in their transition from class to class etc. as teachers we must do it all. We must be patient, forgiving, creative, and always willing to get right back to it even when bones are broken or idealistic spirits crushed. As always we encourage you to reach out to your hard-working teachers within the community; they need your help daily friends as well as these wonderful students. Peace to you, keep up the good fight, and hope to see you either in the classroom or in the music hall.

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