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67 Days & More on the Road

Typing over coffee and eggs presently back home briefly here in Boerne. It has been well over 70 days now since we began this endeavor and there are some key points to be made.

#1 It is both shocking and conflicting at the amount of income that can be made as a professional musician compared to a professional educator. I've never been one to complain or even question our salaries as educators. Rather the greater concern is the funding for programing and staff ratios in the classroom. But now after only 2 months away from teaching it is clear that we as a society value music in bars & fests much more so then intervention with students in need. Granted we collectively may not openly say that BUT financially it's very clear. I have very mixed emmotions about this result. On one hand we're feeding the family better than ever BUT at the cost of no longer working with children full time. This is something that we'll continue to question.

#2 From our conversations with fans, friends, teachers, parents etc. this conversation within "WHEN IT BREAKS" is clearly a good thing. Whether it's the joy folks express with the conversation, the knowledge we're gaining about programs and communities within Bend OR, Camphill Schools in PA, Baker Hunt of Covington KY or the general building of awareness at shows this is all a very good thing folks truly want to talk about. There is also the sharing of families challenges when School District's deny services due to lack of programing or funding. Once again we hear a lot of the same conversations; either states and districts shine or they fail. There's really not much in between. Luke warm services are simply not enough friends.

#3 We as a family have been pushed farther than I envisioned. With respect to one's privacy I'll share the obvious "67 DAYS ON THE ROAD IS TOO DAMN LONG FOR ANYONE!" ha ha ha but with that challenge we have seen our boys mature, grow and become even more creative when hiking, rowing, fishing, singing, playing, cooking, reading, wrestling with one another, family and new found friends. The key is to be sure and give one another personal space and encouragement. I am guilty of many failures true, BUT as a family we continue to work at it ( I think I can, I think I can, I think I can) and commit ourselves to this journey.

Lastly here's a scope of what's to come. We'll be heading out to the West again for shows in AZ, CA, OR and WA while joined by our partner in crime Todd Tue from Milk Media. After that we'll be taking some time back in Tejas focusing on family time, album recording and fly outs here and there. My hopes are to then also talk with families and teachers I've worked with here in the area these past 8 years.

We wish you well and do drop a line with questions, thoughts, concerns. If we've taken your contact info FEAR NOT, Todd and I will be putting our references together soon and you should be hearing from us this quarter. All the best friends and safe travels. Sincerely- Konrad and Family

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