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42 Days and Counting

It's been nearly two weeks since we've shared. Since then the developments within this project have taken a gradual and positive turn. Todd with Milk Products Media has found sponsorship with Magnanimous Media & Lagunitas Brewing Co. "MANY THANKS!!!"

We have heard from teachers, specialists (OT,PT,LSSP etc.), parents, lawyers, family memebers and friends all sharing either desperate stories, encouraging programs, their frustrations, laughter and love towards children, their hopes about reform and their similar questions of "What's going on with SPED in the United States?"

To be clear this is not a project to highlight all that is wrong. Rather we are learning a great deal about how counties, cities are being creative in attempting to meet the high rising level of need. From City Park Summer programs in Bend OR to job placement transitional programs of Pittsburg PA there are valid, affective and sincere services available.

Some of the discussions have furthered questions we'd like to address within the film. If we look at the lack of interventions for children diagnosed with a special need, "What then is their employment rate?" Another question "What is their incarceration rate?" I think it's pertinent to not only address what's going on within the classroom setting, but then also relate how that affects quality of life later on.

Todd and I have talked how we'd like to create stages within this doc. The first part being Child Find Programs into Elementary School, then looking into Middele/High School and transition into Indpedent living. So the process really has begun. We shall see what continues. We plan on having round table discussions as well as workshops/concerts to further the discussion.

For those good folks sending emails and contacts many, many thanks. We are putting together lists and regions and hope to start delegating roles etc. these next two months. Cheers friends and all the best. Sincerely - Konrad

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