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What We've Learned Thus Far These First 8 Days/'WHEN IT BREAKS'

Well it's been just 9 days now since we've hit the road friends. We were happily joined by Todd and Logan from #MilkProductsMedia in this first leg, documenting shows and conversations. We can sincerely say that we were all pleasently surprised and even a little shocked with how much and how many folks wanted to share:) We've talked with teachers, parents, advocates and family memebers thus far in the past 13 states we've traveled. It seems to come up in random conversation at State Parks, at restaraunts and within the venues we're playing and there is already a theme regarding the challenges we're facing nationally within SPED. Over and over again I'm hearing funding, distribution of funds and staffing. Whether teachers are servicing students in Charter Schools, Public or Treatment Facilities these 3 major topics continue to be talked about. Granted we suspected that, but to hear it over and over again paints a very clear line of data that pushes the argumenta and question, "Why? Why are we not putting more funding into our educations system, specifically SPED?"

We'll continue with dialogue for now as we attempt to build questionaires and begin traveling West. I'm happy to say we've built a lot of contacts already now it's just a matter of organizing and following up...ha! Needless to say that's the challenge. With the family and hound and the shows for income the challenge is time management as always. But all is good:)I think we'll begin to build a better routine and things will fall into place.

First 8 day review:

Driving a Diesel Motorhome ROCKS! Driving into a telephone pole with a Diesel Motorhome does NOT rock:(

Water Pumps must be turned off or they drain the battery...and kill the fridge...and then the food stinks up the RV:(

Old men named Buddy in VA can fix anything...namely a stinky broken RV fridge!! YAY!!

Never park your RV in a mud puddle even when friends tell you to cuz it's'll get stuck...then 12 wonderful strangers will have to push you out while getting getting sprayed with mud..HA!

Music fesitvals like #RedWingRoots are fantastic for children...add a creek with rock sculptures even better.

Screech owls scare the pants off you at dusk BUT are magically captivating when they land on a branch just 5 yards away #SwallowFalls

All the best friends and we'll see you on the road as this project continues. Cheers - Konrad and Family

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